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Jul 11, 2019 10:12

Shares traded: 200
Closed Gross P&L: $1.96



  1. 10:18:49 FAST S100s R14c Triangle break, consolidation, speedline break, took the short as we finally had volume come in from the conf call, we got a break to low, and a 1:1 for a moment, but too fast to peel any. Just held it at B/E not willing to let it reject the LOD.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2019-07-11 10:12:41 FAST -100 $29.685 -100
2019-07-11 10:17:57 FAST 100 $29.665 0


2019-07-11 11:51:42

I had FAST as-well today! The reversal up to VWAP and the choppiness kept me away from it. BTW nice break attempt there, pity it didn't follow through.
Nice man ;)

2019-07-11 13:49:27

Thanks, it was a early attempt to get in once the volume started to pour in, but nothing was really moving today in the Large caps that I could get into.

BBBY I had no borrow :*(

Gravatar JOTHB
2019-07-12 00:36:28

was able to catch a reject off premarket resistance out of the open captured a pretty good p/l day even though we didn't reach my target of premarket lows was a choppy trader but definitely gave some good opportunities

2019-07-12 00:45:49

JOTHB I honestly have trouble seeing anything nice on FAST at all today. Was a pretty ugly trader with a tone of indecision right around the call.

You share your trade on FAST on tradervue?

Gravatar JOTHB
2019-07-12 01:22:55

Just shared it

Gravatar JOTHB
2019-07-12 01:23:50

Every trader is different we all have different styles an thought processes

2019-07-20 00:51:03

Thanks for sharing it JOTHB

Yea there are almost limitless valid styles of trading. That's why I love TraderVue, you get to see so many different people's styles. From scalpers to trend traders.

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