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Sep 11, 2019 10:45


Former Runner $YUMA

Was my second best pick of the day for a trade and I was spooked by the morning halt so I left it alone. Saw I missed the run so I just waited till I saw another area to make profit. I was looking at other screens and saw the pattern on this one. The one I like to play so I got in with a perfect fill on the begin of the candle. (Timing was a bit off). Immediately got a spike, so I took something off the table. The stock hit 4.62 3 times and couldn't get over it so I load another set of shares off in that area. I was looking for a 4.61 fill but got 4.57. The stock showed support at 4.54 on the BIDS so I place it a few cent below. It came back and retest the area 3 times but the high kept getting smaller and smaller. So I left the rest at that price and let the market get me out. Last trade at the end was all FOMO. I literally stop trading after this one...

Did the trade follow plan? Y
Execution: A (got in early on the trend)
Exit: B (Was pretty quick on the release thanks to the hotkeys)
Overall Grade: B (The stock has hit 10x float rotation so I expect it to go higher)

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2019-09-11 10:45:14 YUMA buy $4.450 long
2019-09-11 10:45:29 YUMA sell $4.620 long
2019-09-11 10:46:34 YUMA sell $4.570 long
2019-09-11 10:48:35 YUMA sell $4.520 0
2019-09-11 11:06:42 YUMA buy $4.930 long
2019-09-11 11:07:56 YUMA sell $5.030 long
2019-09-11 11:08:06 YUMA sell $4.930 0

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