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Oct 29, 2019 09:34


Lessons Learned Panic Pop Short SIM Scalping Washout Long

Technical Analysis – Long Term

-Downtrend from 2017 highs of $27

Technical Analysis – Intraday

-Longs trapped PM by down move at 8:30
-Strong support from 4.30 LOD, double bottomed

Catalysts / News

-Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly endorsed blockchain technology and called for greater advancement into the field

Original Plan / Strategy



Tried a C washout long on the open, had to try twice to nail it, red from those trades.
Had a nice A+ panic pop short after pulling in close to VWAP, traded that with less size due to falling volume.

Following panic pop short and washout long after 10am were B setups, only took with small size and got stopped out.

Grade: C

Lessons Learned:
1. Avoid washout long's that aren't near support levels (if taking one that's not, try with less size and tighter risk.
2. Increase size on A+ setups

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2019-10-29 09:34:15 XNET buy $4.590 long
2019-10-29 09:34:25 XNET sell $4.510 0
2019-10-29 09:35:01 XNET buy $4.350 long
2019-10-29 09:35:23 XNET sell $4.440 0
2019-10-29 09:50:57 XNET sell $4.650 short
2019-10-29 09:58:38 XNET buy $4.560 short
2019-10-29 10:02:08 XNET buy $4.450 0
2019-10-29 10:59:00 XNET sell $4.680 short
2019-10-29 11:17:16 XNET buy $4.750 0
2019-10-29 11:50:30 XNET buy $4.790 long
2019-10-29 12:11:31 XNET sell $4.810 long
2019-10-29 12:39:28 XNET sell $4.680 0

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