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Mar 25, 2020 15:23

Shares traded: 860
Closed Gross P&L: $13.33


Short Momentum

A solid finish to the day, but there was a lot more here. I do not see a reason to sell and can almost promise that posted a good p&l day cost me some of this run.

Total gain/loss: $18.73 Largest gain: $25.85 (show)

Average daily gain/loss: $18.73 Largest loss: $-19.99 (show)

Average daily volume: 9720 Average per-share gain/loss: $0.00
Average winning trade: $8.55 Average trade gain/loss: $0.72
Average losing trade: $-5.99 Trade P&L standard deviation: $10.00
Total number of trades: 26 Profit factor: 1.22
Number of winning trades: 12 (46.2%) Average hold time (winning trades): 11 minutes
Number of losing trades: 14 (53.8%) Average hold time (losing trades): 2 minutes
Max consecutive wins: 3 (show)
Max consecutive losses: 3 (show)

Average position MFE: $5.41 Average position MAE: $-3.81

Intraday Fundamentals
• Second day play on Barron’s article and a JPM upgrade on the stock
• One of the largest hit multinationals during the downturn
ADV 18M RVOL 2.78 ATR 3.03 BETA .3 Short .8% Inst Own 70.8%
Trading Strategy
Reading the Tape
Trade management
Trade notes
• This was an easy momentum set up. A ideal opening drive scalp. I tapped out when there was a clear slowdown in the momentum instead of trying to follow the stop. This did help me keep a bit more of the gains.
• I took three quick tap outs trying to play this to resist @ 40 and stay under VWAP. I got tapped out all three times. This put in a lower high and move back below VWAP , the opening move was down. I felt that it was setting up to close the gap before moving higher.
• Right idea and no patience. This set up to try and chase the next trade.
• I was flipping due to no conviction. These are the type of areas that I should not playTHe trend at all. if I am that unsure of where I think that it is going.
• I was lucky that even being late to the trade turned out well in this situation. The hesitation cost me. But the confirmation and the continuation in this case worked out well.
• This ended up selling back into VWAP after a strong break. I was expecting this not to regain the ground that it had lost. Plus, the one minute chart was showing the second of tow lower highs.
• A couple late entries for quick scalps on the momentum. I was big here so I was not able to let wither of these run, That is where I can make the most improvement.
• This was looking weak here and I expected it to test 41. I trade against me for a while at first, but not bad. But, enough to led me to believe that I should take what I could have gotten at that time. This was setting up to observe the early downtrend that appeared to be setting up.
• This was the second easy momentum ride of the day. I wish I could be patient enough just to catch these things.
• Great short, well timed. I don't believe this gave me a reason to sell. I need to hold my winner a bit better when it is starting to work for me.
• I think this was a good idea. However, looking at the way this stepped up into the .40 cent range should have signaled to wait and watch, However, the break just below the consolidation would have got me into the same short with a lot more risk than I put out on this trade.
• After my long tapped out my winnings after a big move up on the prior trade. I decided that it was moving lower just as it moved. I flipped this a few times. But, by this time of the day it was moving away from VWAP.
• It is amazing how much I cost myself when I get bigger and it gets late in the day. I had this on my largest size out of the gate and the volatility was me on edge every time. I need to be able to keep the risk on more than I do. This is the common current theme.
• I was expecting this to flush back into .50 after it stalled it got part of the way after a good partial. I ended giving some back on trying to hold the rest of my last trade in here.
• I top ticked this one.
• There was a lot of momentum running this back below 43. I took the short just as bounced back when I though I had confirmation.
• A solid finish to the day, but there was a lot more here. I do not see a reason to sell and can almost promise that posted a good p&l day cost me some of this run.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2020-03-25 15:23:54 KO -200 $43.075 -200
2020-03-25 15:24:03 KO 200 $43.063 0
2020-03-25 15:24:33 KO -100 $43.030 -100
2020-03-25 15:24:42 KO 100 $42.983 0
2020-03-25 15:45:14 KO -100 $42.365 -100
2020-03-25 15:45:24 KO 100 $42.325 0
2020-03-25 15:48:27 KO -2 $42.185 -2
2020-03-25 15:48:27 KO -28 $42.185 -30
2020-03-25 15:49:15 KO 30 $42.113 0

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