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Apr 27, 2020 09:38


Stocks of interest in pre-market were NFLX, TSLA and WMT. At opening I was keeping close eye on KO as well with the news it had gotten right before market open. After noticing buyers not stepping up I shifted focus to my pre-market WL and noticed TSLAA making a strong move.

TSLA had gapped up at open and was in a tight consolidation range before open. When I opened TSLA chart at 9:35am it was already on the move. Admittedly I bought the 850.00 strike call that was too expensive for my comfort level so I pulled profits quickly after making a move through 763 and then pulling back to 757 level. After 5 minutes TSLA was on it's way to it's next level 30 points higher at 791. +$87 would have turned into +$900 in 15 minutes had I held. I then compounded the loss of my potential gain with a gut buy of the 1000 strike call, which was way too expensive for a lotto, but currently trading above my purchase price.

Overall grade is a C-.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2020-04-27 09:38:11 1 MAY 20 850 CALL buy $20.460 long
2020-04-27 09:38:53 1 MAY 20 850 CALL sell $21.330 0
2020-04-27 09:46:05 1 MAY 20 1000 CALL buy $5.270 long
2020-04-27 09:46:38 1 MAY 20 1000 CALL sell $5.050 0

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