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May 22, 2020 15:10


SMA Support Play

Total gain/loss: $13.16 Largest gain: $5.38 (show)
Average daily gain/loss: $13.16 Largest loss: $-5.12 (show)
Average daily volume: 560 Average per-share gain/loss: $0.05
Average winning trade: $2.79 Average trade gain/loss: $1.46
Average losing trade: $-3.19 Trade P&L standard deviation: $3.08
Total number of trades: 9 Profit factor: 3.06
Number of winning trades: 7 (77.8%) Average hold time (winning trades): 4 minutes
Number of losing trades: 2 (22.2%) Average hold time (losing trades): 5 minutes
Max consecutive wins: 6 (show) Max consecutive losses: 2 (show)
Average position MFE: $3.26 Average position MAE: $-2.52
Intraday Fundamentals
• third day.. continuation of strength?

ADV 7.55m RVOL 1.30 ATR 4.17 BETA 1.34 Short 1.31% Inst Own 78.9%



Trading Strategy
• Look for longs on an opening move if it moves lower at 119ish with a little room to work
• Late day long at long around 118 if this trading in that range coming into the close
• If it breaks 121, hold for a pullback and look long
• If this flushes 119, hold for a retest and look for a short
• Short 123, for a scalp leaving a little to work down
Reading the Tape
I think this never led much in much of size and volume was down.
Trade Management

Trade Notes
This was a good read coming into 119. I was looking for a flush of 119 as weakness. I just felt that at this close to the open 119. There was never a reason to get out of this trade. There was a little hangover from yesterday morning. A stop below 119 and me walking away was the right way to play this and target VWAP.
Devastating... I market in on this when it changed candles at VWAP.. I am not sure if I had lag or the order took two minutes.. And it happened on both ends. I was just lucky that I was small enough that after I was flat to only be done this much. This would keep apprehensive the rest of the day.
I took this on the small retest of VWAP on 10/20/. I took off half as it came into target pretty quickly and used the SMA as the line in the sand for the rest which failed as temporary support.
I felt that this may give way into .50 if .75 did not hold. I set this up 7/14 but thought bete of this as it just did not start to work.
I had this one in the game plan and did not let it work for me.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2020-05-22 15:10:51 LOW buy $122.040 long
2020-05-22 15:11:10 LOW sell $122.080 long
2020-05-22 15:11:13 LOW sell $122.104 long
2020-05-22 15:15:47 LOW sell $122.112 0


2020-05-24 12:30:43

Which trading strategy did you use on this trade? Were you looking for the pull back to the moving avg? also.. nice to see a fellow TOS user

2020-05-25 03:51:50

Thanks for looking.

There is not a note for ths particular trade on the reveiw.. Good catch.
The way I have it labeled. Yes, as this started to break above 122, I was using the a hold of the SMA, 122 and the break and the small consolidation about 20 minutes earlier (14:45ish)

A little of a late day hack really. I set this out risking 7cents looking for 15 cents. It stalled at .11 and I tried to take half off to cover the risk but got filled a couple cents under that leading me to take a little more off. I was looking for the late day trend and was hoping to trail the last piece into .50 or better.

That did not work and leaving the set up at 7/15 and letting it play out would have been more profitable.

I think I posted this one because of the well defined risk. This seemed that It may have had enough strength to test the earnings day high on 7 cents late day.

IT is funny you mention TOS on this one. I very rarely have issues with ToS. But, this day, in the morning, I got hacked on some lag in this thing. LOL

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