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Aug 11, 2011 10:44


3br 5min b hit-fe16 pb-btorh scaledout vlco win

A nice beyond the opening range high setup -- buy above 14th setup bar. This particular variation of the setup [pb-btorh] hasn't worked as well in the recent past, but it also had a unique pattern that I call the "3 bar reversal" [3br]. So I ranked it a B grade.

One concern was the steep retracement of the 2nd swing that went below .618 level, although that was supported by the 5ema. Another concern was that the pullback just prior to the setup bar was shallow.

But the reason why this worked well is due to what I call a textbook "3 bar reversal."

a) Red shooting star/inverse hammer candle at swing high
b) Shorts enter below break the low of that 1st bar
c) 2nd bar is a green hammer, and traps the shorts
d) 3rd bar breaks above the high of the 2nd bar. Shorts exit and longs enter

Note how the 3rd bar also ended up being a green hammer, confirming that this trade has a good probability of working.

Scaled out when it got nearly to the FE 1.168 level, as well as the last half when it broke beyond that level and came back. However, I left some money behind by not letting the trade run. It took nearly a couple hours of chop and consolidation to get to 16.50, so I'm not sure if it would have been worth the wait.

NSWA 5m - 08-11-2011

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2011-08-11 10:44:45 NWSA buy $15.830 long
2011-08-11 12:09:17 NWSA sell $16.230 long
2011-08-11 13:04:14 NWSA sell $16.250 0


Gravatar Jung
2011-08-17 21:19:21

Nice trade. Took the same but on the 5min entry.

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