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Nov 24, 2020 03:57


SD 2020-10

Gap up - choosing to not participate in gap fill.
Deciding to wait for a location and try for a turn to build for longs into a grind/pop test of y'day HOD.

Eye on the 2 hr charts for location. (RL 90 test).
If it flushed thru then HF low (as a sign of the thing moving)...

Did ok on the first trade in actually waiting. Controlling chimps urge to 'just get long' both at the open and at the 180 number. Waited for the 3 min turn.
Trying to hold as this moved up and saw 5 min turn too.
Watched MFE (16pts ish) .. took half.

2nd attempt trying a long with pocket on the 3 min.

Not a bad idea but potentially a bit too early .. may have needed more time to develop
Regardless - price holding and then taking an 'add' as we broke over the OR.

This is when it got hard...
2nd position didnt really go into the + to move to NL.
Choice of cutting 2nd and leaving 1 on or getting out of the lot.
I chose the latter. Reasons:

a) going quiet
b) the move up with 3 min turn might be done...
c) feeling a bit like a wiggle when the 2nd trade does not relieve upwards
d) croc river.

Leaving mindset in a bit of conflict :
No failure down yet (i.e. this is holding > MAs etc) - my all out X was vwap touch.
b) Fear of flush to HF low.

So .. forcing self to accept the loss.
Timing not there for longs / adds
Still inside Asia range w/o HF touch in either direction.

Final thing to remember to note.. Initial gap fill break down coincided with 10 min SQC break. Q of whether we're looking at sell on retrace pull backs (10 min BBM) ... or if this wanted to carry on up. B/O add was for the latter .. but aware that EU heading up .. could send this down too. (last chart upload as a reminder of SQc break(

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2020-11-24 03:57:06 FDXMZ0 buy 13224.0 EUR long
2020-11-24 04:25:28 FDXMZ0 sell 13231.0 EUR 0

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