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Nov 26, 2020 04:02


SD 2020-10

Thanksgiving Day
V quiet markets - waiting for Dax set up - tried a long with a 'patient' entry.
Pleased with the execution. This was a 'reversion back into a poss range' using the 5 mins and 1 min combo.

Issue became .. take profit at the top of the 5 min bar .. or wait for the break and a bigger play ... (i.e If intent is range rev, then should one not just take the profit atthe range top)..

Held for a while and trailed and X.

Turned out that istop would have remained for an eventual hit of the open.
US managed to undo that for a test down.
Either way - for time involved ... felt ok with this trade.

Day after Thanks giving.
Y'day - v quiet and doji like. Really not sure if today is another doji / b/out day.
Decide to go with tactics until things start moving again. (i.e. trade PDH/L).
Manage to get into a long - hold until 9am
Could have held with stop at NL to see if this carried on with slow mo lift.
Didnt as more worried about check back and give back.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2020-11-26 04:02:10 FDXMZ0 buy 13273.0 EUR long
2020-11-26 04:25:40 FDXMZ0 sell 13289.0 EUR 0

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