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Feb 26, 2021 10:05


(Ac) Interactive Brokers (extra) Market Bubble 2021 (extra) stupid actions = stupid losses

-- My idea to buy MSFT as it was showing relative strength last few days, unwilling to break below $229-230 area was proper.
-- My idea to buy MSFT as it showed relative strength today at the open holding the $229-230 area while market was taking a dive, was again, proper.

--> Me trying to buy MSFT chasing price higher instead of bidding in-front of $230 while SPY was flushing thru the all-important $380-381 support level was ridiculous.

I created an unnecessary mess that I could have avoided all along if waited patiently until market bounce.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-02-26 10:05:35 MSFT buy $231.890 long
2021-02-26 10:05:41 MSFT buy $231.880 long
2021-02-26 10:13:14 MSFT buy $231.290 long
2021-02-26 10:16:03 MSFT sell $230.870 long
2021-02-26 10:17:15 MSFT buy $231.630 long
2021-02-26 10:22:52 MSFT sell $231.190 0
2021-02-26 10:26:19 MSFT buy $231.730 long
2021-02-26 10:26:19 MSFT buy $231.730 long
2021-02-26 10:26:42 MSFT sell $231.205 0

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