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Apr 8, 2021 15:24


After 1430 Back Side Trade Long Long Above VWAP Loser Setup: Gap Fill System Problem IO: 35-40% SI: 0-5% Float: 10-30M

  • I am definitely not proud of this trade. Not because it was a losing trade, but because the entry, execution and exit were all poorly done.
  • I used a full bracket order as I have been all to reduce "winner to loser" and used a stop that was way too tight... because the stop was so tight, when the order was executed the stops were immediately in the range of the bid and ask, and were automatically cancelled which left the trade naked. This is my fault... I clicked on the wrong bracket order template and didn't notice.
  • Poor entry. The gap fill was a poor context trade whereas the flags were much better. I took the gap fill as it felt squeezy but it was premature.
  • In essence, I was pushing the trade and should have waited for a proper setup.
  • I got lucky on this one.
  • Result: -1R (but I made a calculated risk to sit through some chop that could have cost me my day's gains). Not a good trade.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-04-08 15:24:32 RICE buy $14.970 long
2021-04-08 15:24:32 RICE buy $14.980 long
2021-04-08 15:57:11 RICE sell $14.870 0

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