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NIO was very strong yesterday, stretching past an ATR. I was looking for follow through today, so my initial trade was long looking for a dip and rip. That trade got stopped out an NIO began to look like a really good short. On the previous 5 minute bar, it had wicked slightly under VWAP before making a new low. I placed bids in a similar spot just below VWAP and they got hit. It was a real sniper entry as price only went 1 penny higher before reversing. The trade started working right away and I was able to cover at increasing profit targets. I held the remainder for the day to see if it would push lower, but that never materialized. There is no catalyst one way or the other, so I didn't want to do an overnight swing and closed my position shortly after the close of trading.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2021-07-09 09:44:59 NIO -50 $46.370 -50
2021-07-09 09:47:04 NIO 10 $45.810 -40
2021-07-09 09:53:14 NIO 10 $45.620 -30
2021-07-09 10:05:41 NIO 10 $45.360 -20
2021-07-09 10:17:34 NIO 5 $45.260 -15
2021-07-09 10:29:00 NIO 5 $45.000 -10
2021-07-09 10:30:10 NIO 2 $44.890 -8
2021-07-09 10:32:04 NIO 2 $44.670 -6
2021-07-09 16:13:20 NIO 6 $45.460 0


Gravatar jgbjjvb
2021-07-09 20:53:47

too much commission bro

Gravatar Courtail
2021-07-10 08:22:26

I let this go as soon as this didn't hold PDC (previous day close)... Your entries are boom tho.

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