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Aug 23, 2021 23:50

This was a good trade I met all my 2Lynch criteria. The market has been very choppy and was ripping up and down all day. It started of working in my favour straight away. Then after about 20 minutes went in the negative.

It was a good trade and was a great pick so even though it was in the negative I decided to let the trade breath, I followed my rules and had my stop low of the day. by the end of the trading day I was slightly in the profit. be interesting to see what happens tonight when the market opens. Even though its been really Choppy stock and market I have heigh conviction of it working because of it meeting all my criteria and having a news catalyst behind it.

The news was

ORPH announces publication of results from its Phase 2/3 trial of arimoclomol in Niemann-Pick disease type C in the Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease

Out of this trade with a 60$ profit which is great, it was a mistake to exit though. I meant to move my stop up but actually excited the wrong order. I used a limit order and it exited me straight away.

What did I learn form this trade

I learned if you use a limit order to sell below the asking price it will take you out of the trade straight away.

What would I do to improve this trade

I would have gotten a better entry price, entered quicker

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-08-23 23:50:32 ORPH buy $5.315 long
2021-08-24 22:21:31 ORPH sell $5.620 0

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