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Aug 23, 2021 19:38

I learned a lot in this trade, this has was my first ever pre market trade. Yes I did force this trade and had no business of being in the trade.

I was doing research and scanning through charts doing a deep dive on 4% b/o.
As I was scanning through I see it had slightly gapped up in the pre market and was up 7%. I jumped straight into the trade and quite quickly it started to fail. I held for a bit then come to the correct decision to exit the trade.

This is where I came to a huge problem even though I have a very small account I still couldn't get out. I tried and tried for like 1 hour changing my stop and changing orders I was trying everything I could.
all of a sudden it said order partially filled and I was half out.
About 20 minutes later I was completely out with a $67.60 loss.

1. What did I learn from this trade

You need to be very carful in the pre market as the liquidity is a lot less and difficult to exit trades. I need more training on this.

2. what would I do to improve this trade

Apart form not taking the trade, a tighter stop would of been great as I would of taking less of a loss

3. How was my psychology during the trade

I was all over the place and feeling very stressed because my stop orders were not filling and I started to think about how much money I was going to lose

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-08-23 19:38:57 RIGL buy $3.850 long
2021-08-23 20:56:03 RIGL sell $3.600 long
2021-08-23 21:27:48 RIGL sell $3.650 0

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