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Sep 9, 2021 13:54


Least Amount of Trades Momentum Trade Potential A+ Setup Winner

Missed the opening drive on this stock. Provided a clean entry opportunity as it consolidated and went above VWAP up into $19.30 [It really does matter which stocks you're in]. Nonetheless, at 1:30p I noticed the stock was moving between very established levels of $19.50 and $20 and when it broke above $20 before 2p was able to enter the stock where it ranged between $20.30 and $20.60, and with added volume at 2:05p into $20.80, caught the $20.78 with a quick exit at $21.10 before the stock hit its intraday high at $21.34.

As a new trader, I'm noticing that I don't buy the dip very well, but I can ride the momentum much better. Will continue to explore to better grasp my style. In addition, whole moves into $0.30 aren't necessary; I can do a better job selling into my target; possibly sell half at each $0.10 profit until I close out of my position. Often times waiting for the entire move doesn't work as the stock will move close to my profit target before reversing, and at times through my stop loss. I need to reward myself as the stock moves up.

This stock is also the least amount of shares I've traded, which lessens my probability to make poor decisions. For stocks that trade as cleanly as this, it maybe beneficial to overtrade every now and then and try out different styles too see what else I can add as a potential A+ Setup.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-09-09 13:54:22 RKLB buy $20.400 long
2021-09-09 13:55:37 RKLB sell $20.360 0
2021-09-09 14:00:38 RKLB buy $20.310 long
2021-09-09 14:01:34 RKLB sell $20.610 0
2021-09-09 14:06:05 RKLB buy $20.780 long
2021-09-09 14:06:46 RKLB sell $21.100 0

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