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Sep 17, 2021 15:52


Breakout Dip Buy Breakout FGD Mistake: Broker Issues Mistake: Overtrading Mistake: Wrong Setup

FGD on amazing volume.
Was annoyed with my trading earlier so tried getting in hoping for a further squeeze after a pull back but bought less shares.
Felt very uncomfy so sold for breakeven.
in AH, it looks like it was going to breakout. Bought the breakout but picked a wrong stop level.
Ended up getting stopped out and it reclaimed in the same candle.
Tried buying the breakout again but eTrade was stuck on generating order.
Couldn't get filled and the stock ended up brekaing out and going up a dollar without me.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-09-17 15:52:00 CRVS buy $5.415 long
2021-09-17 15:54:00 CRVS sell $5.430 0
2021-09-17 16:30:00 CRVS buy $5.900 long
2021-09-17 16:43:00 CRVS sell $5.670 0

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