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Oct 18, 2021 12:18

Recent and former that has been squeezing hard.
It tried failing yesterday and this morning in PM but ended up spiking and then holding VWAP and support level.
Bought the triangle trend break but ended up chasing it a bit.
Ended up selling 1/2 too early b/c there was a seller with 1000k shares at $8.5. At first I thought it was fake trying to scare. But then I kept seeing it slowly getting chipped away and not go down. Sold the bits when it reached like 950k shares for that seller.
When VWAP held and it was slowly grinding back up to test $8.5, I wanted to buy back the shares but was too scared.
Ended up squeezing hard and I sold along the way.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2021-10-18 12:18:00 BBIG buy $8.465 long
2021-10-18 12:54:00 BBIG sell $8.475 long
2021-10-18 12:55:00 BBIG sell $8.490 long
2021-10-18 13:17:00 BBIG sell $8.710 long
2021-10-18 13:19:00 BBIG sell $8.780 long
2021-10-18 13:21:00 BBIG sell $8.912 0

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