BBIG Trade on Jan 26, 2022 14:39 from efernandes: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Slow day today and no good plays.
Was hoping to scalp this when 3.07 was holding really well.
Was trying to get a perfect entry and didnt realize STT charting was having issues and was delayed.
Ende dup getting a wrong entry and didnt even know there was a stuff.
Got stopped out before chart updated and lost unnecessarily.

While i did have software issues, this does not fit any setup and i was just trading it b/c i was bored and should never have risked money.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2022-01-26 14:39:00 BBIG buy $3.130 long
2022-01-26 14:45:00 BBIG sell $3.080 0


2022-01-26 23:07:07

Traded in the morning with daily supports and resistance but really wasn't bouncing. Thought the 3.3 area was promising then the 3.1. When it bounced, it wasn't as strong

2022-01-27 07:57:28

Thanks for sharing. Was an unnecessary trade on my part, didnt fit a pattern. just me wanted to click buttons.

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