OSTK Trade on Feb 23, 2022 09:36 from motqns88: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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$OSTK reported higher Q4 profit than expected w/ strong premarket action w. a trend that is usually easier for me to trade. This was the main stock on my list. My idea was to be patient and wait for a clear bullish pattern and wait for pullback before I enter. I did quick scalp as the RSI was in overbought territory. I was skeptical about reentering on the pull back due to the move not moving as fast.
9/28/22 - Upon reply today months later, I did fairly well on a similar scalp. But as i waited to test the market further on the on-demand, I noticed something i did. I chased on a presumed breakout only for market to go against me causing my emotions of "hoping and wishing that it will go back up" the definition of gambling. I realize that whenever I enter without a calculated entry (held bid or important level) on a FOMO entry, I never know where I would get out. This unknown of where to exit is where I tend to hold on in HOPES of the stock making me a profit. The problem is, I don't control the market.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2022-02-23 09:36:08 OSTK buy $48.490 long
2022-02-23 09:37:19 OSTK sell $48.726 long
2022-02-23 09:38:38 OSTK sell $49.220 0

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