GFAI Trade on Apr 1, 2022 09:42 from efernandes: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Was looking for a MDB.
Was looking for the RG move out the open but missed the entry b/c i was distracted.
Waited for the dip and bought when it crossed VWAP again.
Missed an add b/c was distracted again.
Sold along the way.
Tried a new thing where I have stop losses in levels too. Ended up getting stopped out for some when it cracked below VWAP.
Decided to sell last bit before midday.
Stock ended up hitting 1 of my next goals.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2022-04-01 09:42:00 GFAI buy $1.600 long
2022-04-01 09:56:00 GFAI sell $1.711 long
2022-04-01 10:06:00 GFAI sell $1.814 long
2022-04-01 10:26:00 GFAI sell $1.690 long
2022-04-01 11:10:00 GFAI sell $1.785 0


Gravatar rileysheehan
2022-04-03 16:48:45

What was your risk on the first entry?
Did you tighten your risk as it moved higher?
Did any previous trades affect your decisions?
Did you consider a re entry on the break of 1.85 late day?

2022-04-03 18:32:29

original risk was lod.
then I risked the low of the pull back.
Yea, i have been slowly tweaking my trades based on my reviews of my previous trades.
No, I was looking for a possible reentry around VWAP in the afternoon, the 1.85 break felt too soon and didnt have long enough consolidation and would probably fail.

Gravatar rileysheehan
2022-04-24 00:09:31

Got it, thank you for answering these questions. I see how you wouldn't have been as convicted on the 1.85 break.

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