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Jun 17, 2022 06:44

Notes: I'm going to be taking notes on REVs performance as a whole instead of each trade specifically.

A few minutes prior to opening, I noticed a potential Head and Shoulders play could develop, which is why the Priceline below $2.80 is there, It wasn't an H&S play but REV did breakout off that same support level.

I could have ridden a large portion of that breakout with my order of 200 shares. Pain.

$3.40 acted as major support throughout the day, only dipped a couple of cents below that support level once. On every single timeframe, VWAP was a major support level as well.

REV had so much potential but I just wasn't confident with my executions and it shows.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2022-06-17 06:44:26 REV buy $3.030 long
2022-06-17 06:47:18 REV sell $3.090 0
2022-06-17 06:51:15 REV buy $3.335 long
2022-06-17 06:51:48 REV sell $3.370 0
2022-06-17 06:54:47 REV buy $3.580 long
2022-06-17 06:55:51 REV sell $3.620 0
2022-06-17 07:15:02 REV buy $3.860 long
2022-06-17 07:17:13 REV sell $3.750 0

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