TQQQ Trade on Mar 13, 2023 09:40 from Goku_BOWS: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Daily Setup: Oversold bounce, extension
Intraday: 2 minute hammer reversal

Major extension at the open and panic/forced selling. The plan today was to look for a bounce due to the extension. Price started upticking and that was my entry. Small. Sold into the big pop and just trailed the last lot. I closed out nearing the close to avoid overnight and CPI risk.

Layers of probability: VTF thesis to buy as well, major daily extension, relatively strong index,

Entry: 2 minute hammer
Stop: A bit below LOD to give room
Targets: Not planned, sold on the uptick and trailed.

Successes: Good daily setup, great risk size
Areas to improve: Better stop and target plan, had great thesis, but not the exact levels planned out and alternate trade plans. Could've integrated addbacks to get some cashflow.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-03-13 09:40:00 TQQQ buy $20.360 long
2023-03-13 09:49:00 TQQQ sell $20.950 long
2023-03-13 15:55:00 TQQQ sell $21.480 0

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