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Mar 16, 2023 10:57

$TQQQ - cute short. shooting star entry. many names extended. rather short the index than individual name. Bit greedier on 1/2 sell than 1:1 based on extension and giving a bit of room above HOD just in case. Some megas starting to pull, others holding in ok.Tried re-entering, "not available to short"
Switched to SQQQ, didn't get the price I was shooting for. Kept adding, feeling frustration a bit, adding in to make up for late entry. I have a good size, but not pulling back like it should. Risk still not too bad. Will have to market out at risk parameters, I should not be in that position. Too big to allow much room, and just like that, blew threw $100 risk, but hammered immediately while typing this. Grrrrr. No plan is causing me to trade erradically. Great job recognizing this and journaling it, need to act on it. Stop below the hammer
Lowered stop "This will eventually work out"
Should have waited for my QQQ $304 level, did not think it would get there. Now in at a much worse price and continuing'

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-03-16 10:57:00 TQQQ sell $23.850 short
2023-03-16 11:08:00 TQQQ buy $24.050 0

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