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Mar 17, 2023 10:00

- 1st trade - got shaken out first trade, had low probability of working
- Feelings:
- Damn this really really worked
- Took a looking stoppped out at low, but RIOT was really worth studying
- Rel strength will be my goal to focus as this layer of proabbility alone turned this trade into a massive winner
- I cannot be profitable if I'm risking 20% my Daily Stop in non probabilistic trade and then not taking RIOT trade when rel strength comes in confirming very high chance of working
- Key notices on why $RIOT worked
- 1) LOD Hammering at E EMA catchup 2) INTO DAILY LEVEL 3) with relative strength 4) For 15 cents risk 5) knowing will not have to try again most likley
- AS time goes on important to watch 5) 30min chart to see if catches up which does 6) improving odds Daily Will catch up
- Money was flowing into $RIOT and not $MARA around this time

Market Summary:
- With Indice Misalignment key for long confirmation is $SPY back above $396.50 as this correlates to $/ES 4000 major res
- Crypto in play today with the news so that will be my long focus
- BTC moving with US FDIC denying press report that any buyer of $SNB would have to divest (get ride of) all the crypto business at the Bank
- Monthly OPEX and quad witching today

Watch $BITO

$MARA - Marathon DIgital - crypto miner - Financials
- BTC news
- ATR 0.8, AV 32m, SI 38%
- So 1.75ATR Ext, not amazing level but above 7.8 Daily Wicks so with this massive short float maybe could get squeeze to 9, 9.50
- Cleaner Level

$RIOT - Bitcoing miner - Software - Tech
- BTC News
- ATR 0.62, AV 14.75m, SI 20%
- Long through 7.8, r2 8,8.50
- Better to give to 7 - 7.25

- Tried momentum drive off open and got stopped
- Pro: I Did good job adjust size and got my order in very quickly
- BTC massively extended
- Watching for Pivot at $8, need signal
- If closes green could try
- Lots of selling pressure
- Keep hesitating
- Almost got risk covered and this is getting whacked
- Good job not letting emotions get to me but just sucks
- Clear failure scared me, but I stayed calm and put my stop in at LOD
- RIOT was the one with 16 cents risk
- I was way too biased on MARA ----> Same with $XLF be4
- Could have gotten risk covered and booked more in front of 17.6

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-03-17 10:00:20 MARA buy $8.000 long
2023-03-17 10:00:20 MARA buy $8.000 long
2023-03-17 10:44:56 MARA sell $7.720 0

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