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- So clearly I need to be able to stay calmer and do math quickly in volatile situations
- I got lucky today that $ROKU gave a little more follow through after initial pop ---> Note I GOT LUCKY and this was wakeup call
- So some solutions to fix this problem (5):
- Have to know volatile name like this will be more slippage so maybe throw 1:1 a bit higher
- Calc stop and 1:1 BEFORE TRIGGER
- Be prepared for volatile names like this to have to do math quickly and stay calm
- Have to practice mental math of larger numbers 50 - 100
- Have to practice and visualize staying calm with trading more volatile names

Sleep: 6/10
- On phone way too much and did not shut off screens
- felt weird with way more light being out but still unacceptable
- By 8:30 need to cutoff all screens
- So did the military sleep method while thinking about the yoga nigra technique and def helped a lot
- Almost slept throughout the night

Market Summary:
- With gap up tough spot to buy right at open
- Too extended to buy not extended enough to short
- ST in red zone
- Long here is difficult in the morning

$ROKU - Entertainment - Communications
- Board approved restructuring plan; Cutting 6% of workforce or ~200 positions; To take $30-35M --> Market has loved cutoff mechanisms
- Slippery, Momo, Growth, Squeeze, MC 19.5B, ATR 4, AV 8.4m, SI 11%, Beta 1.73

  • Plan: Long through 66.5 (0.75 ATR Ext) or look for hammer pull in around 66, be careful off open

  • Execution:

  • Momo Drive at open

    • So off the open knew this would be extended and tricky
    • Plan was to size down
    • Only reason even watching was very tight daily consolidation + in play with layoff news
    • So off the open flat a little and the pullback
    • High of this candle now had about 60 cents so could not take a lot size because of how extended this was
    • So I got in lighter, understanding this was a pure momo trade (which for a squeeze name in play I felt this was okay)
    • Get filled with a lil slippage
    • Then I get stop in and moving very quickly
    • I was struggling real time to calculate the math for where to put my 1:1
    • This lead to me not staying calm and taking longer to calculate
    • Eventually got my 1:1 in however I should have gotten in sooner
    • I got lucky, because if this had given a quick pop and failed, I would have not gotten my risk covered in time and oh man that would have been frustrated
    • Solutions to fix this problem noted above
  • 9:45 Inside 5 (did not take)

    • So now as $ROKU had pulled back, satisfied short term extension
    • Was a bit weaker than I wanted and this 9:35 marobuzo was not good
    • however still liked it for lighter size and so was ready to get in
    • Was closely watching, noted where inside candle low was, where the high was and had buy stop ready at right price to be executed
    • Then as candle as 9:45 candle closed my computer froze
    • When it unfroze the inside candle had been broken
    • I was pretty frustrtaed
    • This ended up failing and I GOT LUCKY AGAIN
    • Really I think what made this not ideal was the 9:35 marobuzo
    • Had we hammered here off the 8 EMA this could have been a very powerful setup

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-03-30 09:31:33 ROKU buy $66.280 long
2023-03-30 09:31:33 ROKU buy $66.350 long
2023-03-30 09:31:33 ROKU buy $66.350 long
2023-03-30 09:31:33 ROKU buy $66.350 long
2023-03-30 09:31:33 ROKU buy $66.360 long
2023-03-30 09:31:33 ROKU buy $66.370 long
2023-03-30 09:32:36 ROKU sell $66.830 long
2023-03-30 09:35:26 ROKU sell $65.620 0

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