MESZ3 Trade on Sep 22, 2023 11:07 from RodrigoBras: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Thesis: 1h Supply breakout

Where/why did I ENTER (Confirmations): Strong buying into this supply; Large selling at the highs getting absorbed, which I believe is disguised as a passive buyer; NQ broke its supply and trading above it.

Trade plan: "Interested in getting on a pullback into this area, this looks very bullish"

How was I feeling DURING the trade (emotions): Calm but not as confident as usual and a little "excited" when I saw the -5k delta.

Trade management: No big management as I got stopped immediately.

Where/why did I EXIT: My stop triggered.

Mistakes: Not giving it a second chance due to fear; Too pre-mature, looking at Carmine's comment and I should have waited for a test or more development, yes we saw aggressive buying but not anything huge and Bad stop loss placement, clearly visible on this comment where I should have placed my stop.

What can I do to improve: Realizing that after substantial moves to one direction, there is usually hard PA to read and even though it still continues in the same direction it started, most likely will stop you out, if you don't place your stop properly or you miss time the market.

Overall thoughts: I don't believe this was a bad trade however it could have been way better if I was a little less excited about that -5k delta.

Rate this trade 1-10: 6

Risk/Stop Loss: 4 points
Target: 13 points ( 3.25R)
Realized:-3.75 points ( 0.9375)

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-09-22 11:07:01 MESZ3 buy $4392.50 long
2023-09-22 11:10:28 MESZ3 sell $4388.75 0

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