MESZ3 Trade on Sep 28, 2023 11:13 from RodrigoBras: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Thesis: 4428-4435 Supply breakout, after multiple tests during this week

Where/why did I ENTER (Confirmations): "Buying is very strong even here at the highs; Sellers are getting absorbed; Speculating that 4328-4335 supply won't hold as it got tested multiple times already in this week. Extra-confirmation came when I was already in, with NQ breaking 14800

Trade plan: "I don't care much about, but this seems like it's forming an inverse H&S on the 30m TF, and for that reason I am interested in 4328-4335 that is a supply zone, however a weak one that has already gotten tested multiple times, so far that reason, if I am able to spot acceptance inside this level, I am open to take the market long, targeting 4346 first and then 4362."

How was I feeling DURING the trade (emotions): Calm as usual, but felt like I could get easily stopped as my SL was in an obvious spot. Also got very scared and anxious when I saw the 5k delta.

Trade management: Very straightforward trade, which was a problem, I had no way to adjust my stop in a logical way in terms of the chart, so I remained my stop at BE once I was up 2.5R, since there was no significant low made along the way up.

Mistakes: Not waiting to see the reaction of the big order, we don't really know what it is until the reaction after the fact. I am aware of this when entering a new position but I didn't think about this while I was in the trade.

What can I do to improve: Be calmer when seeing this big guys and always wait for the reaction after the fact!

Overall thoughts: Need to work harder on being more neutral even when in a trade, got to remain objective and unbiased all times. However this crazy delta triggered me a little anxiety and saw this thing dropping heavy.

Rate this trade 1-10: 8/9 (lacked on execution)

Entry: 4326
Risk/Stop Loss: 4322 (4 points)
Target: (4346) 20 points (5 R) -> Thought this was a little stretch
Realized: (4333.75) 8 points ( ~2R)

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-09-28 11:13:10 MESZ3 buy $4326.00 long
2023-09-28 11:29:07 MESZ3 sell $4333.75 0

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