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Aug 20, 2013 11:59



Daily flag break/20dma bounce. Nice swing trade here. Stock was stuck under $5.60 all day on the day that I bought, had a nice spike up the next day, then consolidated around $6.00 for two days before finally breaking the flag in true BCRX fashion. This is a high momo stock and wasn't running on news but it is just being driven by euphoria and tends to get wild like this, which is why I swung it. I'm still holding 100 shares but locked in a bunch of profit already. I'll update the final numbers when I finish out the trade but I may add back to this one and play it again w/o ever closing it so we'll see. So far booked about $500 or 15% average gain (13% and 29.6% respectively on the sells so far). Original stop was at $5.15 under the base of the flag, then tightened to $5.24 the next day, then to b/e after it held $6.00.

UPDATE 9/18/13: Bought 400 more at $6.52 this morning for the spike thru $7! Currently holding around 22% gain.

UPDATE 9/27/13: Sold 250 of my 500 total at $7.52 to book more profit. Realized PL now at $773.59 with 250 shares left.

UPDATE: 10/09/13: Sold the last of my shares at $6.35 as the market started to roll over.

+$731.11 (250 @ 13.03%, 150 @ 29.64%, 250 @ 15.34%, 250 @ -2.68%)

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2013-08-20 11:59:00 BCRX buy $5.600 long
2013-08-26 10:51:33 BCRX sell $6.330 long
2013-08-26 12:30:33 BCRX sell $7.260 long
2013-09-18 09:35:00 BCRX buy $6.520 long
2013-09-27 09:48:56 BCRX sell $7.520 long
2013-10-09 10:57:00 BCRX sell $6.350 0


2013-08-27 01:57:01

Nice swing

2013-09-22 23:35:38

Killer entry

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