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Thesis: After price could not hold twice above premarket high, I have decided to go short considering breakdown of VWAP. Considering gap above +3.74%, RVOL 8+, and catalyst news regarding high expectations of flights on holidays in US, this stock had to go up, but it did not.

Stop: Placed my stop-loss above VWAP breakdown candle.

Entry: I have entered position once the price closed below the VWAP for the 2nd time after printing lower high and showing rejection in attempt to pass premarket high 2nd time.

Targets: at least 1to3 was considered appropriate in this setup. High RVOL and tightening of price should have provided the push in any direction with the time.

Breakeven point: could not be set due to fast reversal.

Comments: great idea and it needed extra attempt to work off. Next trade today was slightly more successful.

Lessons: This setup requires 2 entries in the worst case and I have to be prepared for them.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2023-11-13 09:56:04 BA sell $204.650 short
2023-11-13 09:56:05 BA sell $204.650 short
2023-11-13 09:57:58 BA buy $205.450 0

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