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Aug 16, 2017 09:32


Ss 1rst red day

Why do you entered? Rada known to fill the gap below.... overhyped. So shorted close to 2.5 resistence. Covered on the way down, spiked up again, and reshorted with an add of 1k shares plus the 500 before. Covered on the way to 2.30.

why did you exit ?

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2017-08-16 09:32:49 RADA sell $2.460 short
2017-08-16 09:40:58 RADA buy $2.365 short
2017-08-16 09:45:21 RADA sell $2.440 short
2017-08-16 09:50:48 RADA buy $2.370 short
2017-08-16 09:55:29 RADA buy $2.340 short
2017-08-16 09:55:32 RADA buy $2.310 short
2017-08-16 10:00:43 RADA buy $2.360 0

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