ARBB Trade on Dec 26, 2023 09:33 from rrodriguez: Tradervue User Stock Trades.


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Shares traded: 800
Closed Gross P&L: $219.00


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Play Book Daily Report Card

Big Picture

What are the Most Important Tecnical Levels on Market?

  • A: SPY Gapped up today, and it jumped over the 473.73 level. And it appears to have room up to the 475.90 level. 475.90 is the all time high level.

How far is the market from important technical levels?

  • A: it has about 1 to 2 pts to the All time high

Is the Market Trending Up or Down? Check Daily Chart.

  • A: overall the market is trending up. The stock has been on an uptrend for the last couple days. It looks like it could potentially break all time highs today. Its at the point of the flat top with the up wedge.

What is moving the Market? Economic Calender Events for the day.

  • A: Chicago Fed national activity index 730am
  • A:house price index 8am
  • A: dallas fed manufacturing index 930
  • A: 3 and 6 month bill auctions
  • A: 2 year note and 52 week bill auction 12:00
  • A: API Crude Oil Stock Change 15:30

Intraday Fundamentals (Stocks in Play) Catalysts:

  • Arbb:
  • Potential Levels: 1.19, 2.15, 2.31, 2.71, 4.80
  • Catalyst: 2nd day continuation play
  • No catalyst from fridays rally
  • So far 127% gap.
  • 1.44mm float
  • Already trading 10.6mm shares
  • 0.8% short share float
  • RVOL > 5%
  • Gap > 5% ### Technical Analysis:
  • Have you Determined Long Term Technical Levels? Yes
  • Have you Determined Short Term Technical Levels? Yes
  • Did you trade consistently on the same time frame? Yes. Mostly 1min, with help from the 5min.

Trading Checklist

  • Was I in control of my trading? Yes
  • Did I manage my risk correctly? Yes
  • Did I stay with my winners? Yes
  • Did I add to my winning trades when they started to work? Yes
  • Did I have enough size at conviction trades? Yes
  • Did I break my trading rules? No

Trade Journal

· When i opened up the machine, i got in on ARBB and IINN prematurely, seeing that they were the hot stocks on the scanners. I did not iniitally wait to see if there was an opportunity. Got out of the premarket opps, and went back to the playbook to document the day and the levels. What i noticed is that to document my journal, i needed to go through the motions of setting levels and identifiying hot stocks, so in essence the filling out of this journal forces me to go through the motions.
· What I did good?
    ► For the Open trade of ARBB, i got in with my first TIER 1 lot ( 100 shares), and i let it rip through the first halt. Aftwards, upon resumption,  i added a stop loss at 2.33 risking 20 cents, i thend bought the 2nd tier of for a TIER 2 total at 3.12, and sold for 19 cents above at 3.31, i then moved up my stop to 2.63 since my avg price moved up. I then moved it up again to 2.78, and then bought another Tier 1 lot at 3.95. i then moved up my one stop to 3.19, and added a 2nd stop at 3.68 and then moved back to 3.51. I sold my 2nd Tier at 4.30 into the push, and bought another Tier 1 at 4.06. i moved my stop to 3.72. I noticed that ARBB was setting a lower low, and decided to end the trade. Since the it appeared that the 9EMA pullback did not work its way to the double top. Decided to call it a day, and take my profits. Good decision. Sold at 4.13 and 4.11 respectively.
    ► Avg 400 shares in ,and 400 shares outs. So 219 usd divided by 400 shares, it got about a 54cent move total. 
· What could I have improved?
    ► I should have bought the 3.95 lot closer to the 9EMA. I bought it too high into the push. 
    ► I felt a moment of deer in headlights when i came back from the first halt. I had a moment where i had no stop loss for my 2nd tier. That could have been disasterous. 

Trade Management

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Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2023-12-26 09:33:25 ARBB 100 $2.530 100
2023-12-26 09:43:56 ARBB 100 $3.120 200
2023-12-26 09:44:25 ARBB -100 $3.310 100
2023-12-26 09:58:31 ARBB 100 $3.950 200
2023-12-26 10:00:20 ARBB -100 $4.300 100
2023-12-26 10:07:27 ARBB 100 $4.060 200
2023-12-26 10:08:24 ARBB -100 $4.130 100
2023-12-26 10:08:38 ARBB -100 $4.110 0

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