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Jun 27, 2018 09:42


breakdown C- B 0 to +1R

C-, B

The first entry was alright but I should have been taking off a little at 21 and not adding there. Too hasty to add and I should have been prepared for the possibility of 21 holding.
Adding shouldn't have been done unless 21 was clearly breaking or showing consolidation with a high R/R setup.

The second entry proved fruitful. I tiny bit preemptive on the entry but I exited quite well. I could have held the last tier by keeping the 25% and giving it more room by way of a longer MA or trendline.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2018-06-27 09:42:02 CARA sell $21.280 short
2018-06-27 09:44:44 CARA buy $21.300 0
2018-06-27 09:46:02 CARA sell $20.910 short
2018-06-27 09:48:23 CARA buy $21.580 0
2018-06-27 10:37:22 CARA sell $20.200 short
2018-06-27 10:44:48 CARA buy $20.010 short
2018-06-27 10:49:30 CARA buy $19.520 short
2018-06-27 10:59:35 CARA buy $19.020 0

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