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Sep 4, 2018 10:11


VWAP Fade Top Reversal Double Down Bad Exit Bad

I knew $JD was weak today. I knew(!) it would eventually go lower. What I did not have, was patience!

When I already were 250 shares short it took another run up. Instead of stopping out, I erratically added to my short just to exit at the worst moment. Not for a big loss, but still BAD TIMING.

What I actually did good, was to add another 100 shares short when I actually saw $JD being weak and having trouble to go any further.

I messed up again when I took off 50% at Break-Even.

Soooo many times, a stock stops (mostly at my break-even), remains there for a moment, seems to bounce, but doesn’t, I exit, stock contiues lower.

Sound familiar?

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2018-09-04 10:11:00 JD sell $29.470 short
2018-09-04 10:21:00 JD buy $29.530 0
2018-09-04 10:27:00 JD sell $29.560 short
2018-09-04 10:41:00 JD sell $29.670 short
2018-09-04 10:57:00 JD sell $29.650 short
2018-09-04 11:19:00 JD sell $29.770 short
2018-09-04 11:19:00 JD sell $29.720 short
2018-09-04 11:20:00 JD buy $29.820 short
2018-09-04 11:25:00 JD sell $29.800 short
2018-09-04 11:32:00 JD buy $29.710 short
2018-09-04 11:48:00 JD buy $29.530 short
2018-09-04 11:49:00 JD buy $29.550 short
2018-09-04 12:07:00 JD buy $29.540 short
2018-09-04 12:34:00 JD buy $29.490 0

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