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Sep 7, 2018 10:17


Early Entry Double Down Bad Exit Bad Entry Bad

This is just one example of a bad entry. Of course I did enter too early, but to make it worse, I entered without confirmation of lower prices or the 262 breaking the decision-candle to the downside. I anticipated that but was not focused enough on the Level II.

Watching the Level II in hindsight you can see that the Bid drops the 262.50, offer stepping down as well, but the the bids pile up .37, offer lifting to .66, Bids stepping up to .51 when I should have gotten out of flipped my position.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2018-09-07 10:17:00 TSLA sell $262.332 short
2018-09-07 10:24:00 TSLA sell $265.430 short
2018-09-07 10:26:00 TSLA sell $265.010 short
2018-09-07 10:27:00 TSLA buy $263.720 short
2018-09-07 10:30:00 TSLA buy $263.470 short
2018-09-07 10:40:00 TSLA buy $262.272 short
2018-09-07 10:50:00 TSLA sell $262.442 short
2018-09-07 10:51:00 TSLA buy $262.450 short
2018-09-07 11:07:00 TSLA sell $266.411 short
2018-09-07 11:08:00 TSLA buy $265.600 short
2018-09-07 11:12:00 TSLA buy $265.950 0

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