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Feb 13, 2014 10:11


9/20ema pullback EARNINGS BREAKDOWN SHORT bowsreview possible flip trade

2nd go on this today. went short on a intraday pullback. ended up covering flat as it could not flush.
I was going to flip the trade to the long side but still not sure of the right set up for this.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2014-02-13 10:11:34 NTAP sell $40.310 short
2014-02-13 10:11:34 NTAP sell $40.310 short
2014-02-13 11:37:00 NTAP buy $40.310 short
2014-02-13 11:37:00 NTAP buy $40.310 0


2014-02-13 19:18:42

200ma was right below on daily chart.

2014-02-14 06:44:33

I had the 200ma calculated at 40.46 so I felt when the stock pulled back after the initial dump and pull back that it was knocking up against the 200ma on the daily and the 9ema on the intraday. Thought it was a sure thing to dump with the 2 levels of resistance.

2014-02-14 08:02:00

Aahh I see, but notice how small the red candles are getting before it reversed to the upside, meaning the selling was slowing down. That would have been a sign for me that the stock has a better chance of going up with the 200ma right underneath.

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