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Oct 24, 2018 09:30


The Open Resistance Play Good Exit Gap Down Earnings

$TXN with Gap Down after Earnings

I had the pivot of 93$ down as significant level with a short bias below with a 84.50 pivot in mind as target. Above resistance at 95ish and 100 to 100.50.

The 93 was tested during premarket and we came down to it in the last minute before The Open.

With a premarket high around 94.50ish I was going to start a position around there for the break down below 93. I stuck with my short bias.

$TXN behaved strong and broke above. I stuck with it, but closed it somehow erratically when it came to break below VWAP. It turned out to be just a spike down and a good call. Lucky call on my behalf.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2018-10-24 09:30:00 TXN sell $94.240 short
2018-10-24 09:35:00 TXN buy $94.160 short
2018-10-24 09:35:00 TXN buy $93.740 0

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