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Oct 24, 2018 09:36


Scaling In Reversal Earnings

$TXN very hesitant to sell off

When I felt like I took my exit too erratic, I went for another entry and a possible reject of 95 again. Hence I opened a starter, but did not have a clear signal to start a position beside the FOMO down to 93 and below.

I was way too early. When $TXN seemed to have found resistance above 95.50s and rejected .80, I watched it for a couple of minutes and added another partial when it looked to be about to sell off. My Entry was good and size still small. My average 95.13. Target1 94.80.

$TXN tested 95.20 and found support. The next add I planned for below 96.50 where I placed a limit order that was missed by cents. I manually added above 96. Average 95.43.

$TXN sold off. It was just a spike and reject without further signal besides the tape. Target now above 95.

I was patient and just watched it. EMA9 and VWAP confluence around 95. Target1 not hit. Took off half on bounce. Bad fill. Stuck to rest (25). $TXN eventually hit 95. I was too early on my exit.

$TXN bounced off of VWAP. No crack. I had 96 in Mind for a double top or lower high. $TXN spiked above and formed a decision-candle. Fakeout. I added when offer dropped 96. Good Entry. But fakeout. Average 95.67 for 45 shares.

On the run up to 97 I added another partial just below into the strength. Good add. $TXN just tested and rejected 97 to sell off. Average 96.03. Target1 95.50

Did good on my first Exit right at the EMA9. Missed the spike into VWAP 95.20s where $TXN bounced AGAIN.

I was still confident about $TXN selling off at some point and cracking VWAP. It just took forever and I just stuck with the rest and just to add in case we would retest the highs. Even though I noticed the Resistance it formed and rejected 96.30s I did not add more.

$TXN was just too hesitant with always finding a bid around VWAP.

It eventually cracked, but I wanted to call it a day and was not ready for another bounce higher and took it off in increments any time it was about to move higher. In both final exits they turned out to be fakeouts. Great, Markus. F*cking $TXN!!! Tough Profit.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2018-10-24 09:36:00 TXN sell $94.820 short
2018-10-24 09:46:00 TXN sell $95.550 short
2018-10-24 09:55:00 TXN sell $96.110 short
2018-10-24 10:00:00 TXN buy $95.210 short
2018-10-24 10:07:00 TXN sell $95.970 short
2018-10-24 10:10:00 TXN sell $96.860 short
2018-10-24 10:16:00 TXN buy $95.560 short
2018-10-24 11:02:00 TXN buy $95.559 short
2018-10-24 11:09:00 TXN buy $95.140 0

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