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Oct 30, 2018 09:47


Top Reversal Scaling In Good Entry Gap Down Earnings Early Exit

$GE with Gap Down after Earnings

$GE gapped Down after reporting Earnings in the Morning. It wasn’t much of interest as it trades thick but $GE had found Resistance at 11.43 during pre-market.

Above that I had 11.73 11.92 for more resistance and below 10.93 for support with a trendline close below, but nothing more. My Bias was short.

$GE also opened at its lows and just around 10.50 to run up out of the Open.

When it got closer to 11.43 I started a position and added as I thought it would turn. Just small size with the next add to be around 11.43 that it eventually tested.

$GE traded slower than I expected and I should have taken way more size on each increment. 100 shares would have been a good choice.

Rather lost interest in it, but kept it running lower to eventually take it off below VWAP.

Missed much of the rest of the move but that was ok. Good Trade though

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2018-10-30 09:47:00 GE sell $11.250 short
2018-10-30 09:55:00 GE sell $11.255 short
2018-10-30 10:06:00 GE sell $11.385 short
2018-10-30 10:22:00 GE buy $11.110 short
2018-10-30 10:28:00 GE buy $11.020 short
2018-10-30 10:32:00 GE buy $10.910 0

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