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Jan 24, 2019 10:37

Shares traded: 20
Closed Gross P&L: $-1.48
Gross Return: -0.59R


No Way 2nd part Trading Day

Today 2 minutes before the opening my PC just crashed for the first time ever!!!
This caused the loss of all the premarket preparation. Pivots, support/resistance levels, entry and exit points, targets, everything was lost. I have thus missed the opening and all this caused me stress and let me face the fact of having a trading day in front of me completely unprepared!!
This didn't persuade me to avoid entering blindly in a position. Indeed what I did has been following out other traders!!! I have worked soo much to avoid this but today I have missed focus due to the bad fact prior the opening. I have even said to myself that this is creating a scenario that I don't want so I should give up and rebuild every study I needed for my trades.

This was supposed to be my trade today if I didn't have to fight against a beast always ready to bite that distracts your main focus creating HESITATION!!
The entry price and share number is set ready to be pressed. But....
Everybody knows the performance of XLNX on 01/24/2019 so I have fucked it up all just trading what I didn't plan to!!!!!!!
Entry was long after confirmation of support above the 100$ level. The trade would have been a great success!! Just for studying purposes just notice on Level 2 the distance between my entry point and next level of resistance. There are 3$ range. The same will happen later once at 104 there was another gap to 107. The stock traded clearly the level 2 with just a bit of thrill due to the high volatility. Do you understand why I am soooooo pissed. There will never study or knowledge that will fight the beast that lately didn't visit me that often!! If I don't change this I can't be a profitable long running day trader on stocks! I can't write on my report about another stock I didn't trade. And today I finally wrote it and made clear but this could have been written for the majority of my trades. Indeed I have a Not to be repeated TAG for more then 60% of my trades even the profitable ones! I even write in the MKC report how to trade XLNX today!! Bla bla bla man even in such detailed way. Just to show how I was into my plan!! How much I analyze in details not giving anything to the random chance! Fuck off man!!!!!!!!!!!

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Qty Price Position
2019-01-24 10:37:39 MKC -5 $121.800 -5
2019-01-24 10:41:08 MKC 5 $122.230 0
2019-01-24 11:09:53 MKC -5 $121.920 -5
2019-01-24 11:12:46 MKC 1 $121.600 -4
2019-01-24 11:13:36 MKC 1 $121.610 -3
2019-01-24 11:14:50 MKC 3 $121.905 0

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