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Feb 7, 2019 10:52


Breakdown Play Support Break VWAP

AMD was too choppy by then and there was some support at .90 we wanted to use for a breakdown. AMD was just sitting at VWAP and market weakening.

There was just too much hesitation. Fight between buying/selling.

.90 dropped, lifted, dropped. It took too long to eventually resolve. Nothing you want to see in this setup.

NOt worth the shot when it looks like this. You want to see a clean break of support in a momentum run from higher. Either use the crack then or wait for a pullback towards the Level/VWAP for an entry like it did on retest of .89 minutes later.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2019-02-07 10:52:00 AMD sell $22.890 short
2019-02-07 10:52:00 AMD buy $22.920 0

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