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Mar 4, 2019 11:05


Scaling In Good Add Early Entry Bottom Bounce Bad Exit

Together with the market NFLX sold off, but compared to TSLA on very light volume.

Levels were 355 353.50

I did not expect it to sell off like it did. On my first Entry I was a bit too early, but not worried after the first initial drop. The add at 354 and the pivot after the reject on the bottom with a spike onto 353.50s was just great.

Even my partial profit was nice. Less nice was not selling my remaining position break even or the crack of 354.

Stuck with it and started to add 351 and added 350 and 349. All good adds. BUT the remaining first partial kind of messed up my average price.

It just took too long for the trade to play out. Eventually I made a small loss, but was able to take off most of the trade around my break-even.

The market was very weak and sold off more than 5 points before finding a bottom, not taking the beta stocks with it to the upside though.

Execution detail:

Date/time Symbol Side Price Position
2019-03-04 11:05:00 NFLX buy $355.360 long
2019-03-04 11:08:00 NFLX buy $354.110 long
2019-03-04 11:11:00 NFLX sell $355.290 long
2019-03-04 11:43:00 NFLX buy $351.100 long
2019-03-04 11:49:00 NFLX buy $350.028 long
2019-03-04 11:56:00 NFLX buy $348.837 long
2019-03-04 13:02:00 NFLX sell $350.414 long
2019-03-04 13:25:00 NFLX sell $351.100 long
2019-03-04 13:35:00 NFLX sell $351.100 0

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