Tradervue: A Powerful TraderSync Alternative

Tradervue is an online trading journal that provides thousands of traders with the tools, data, and community they need to improve their trading performance. Through Tradervue’s diverse and interactive community, traders can share their expertise, get feedback and learn from others, and compare notes. Tradervue’s robust features and affordable price point make it an excellent TraderSync alternative.

Learn how to trade smarter with Tradervue.

Get a complete view of your trading performance and objectively see what is working and where you can improve.

Boost your Trading with Tradervue


Overview Reports

See recent performance at a glance, including daily and cumulative P&L, volume, and win %, to spot recent trends. And drill down into results by year, by month, and by day.


Detailed Reports & Stats

Dig deep into your performance to really understand your trading. Calculate results based on symbol, price, volume, day/time, market movement, instrument behavior, and many more.


Comparison Reports

Compare winning days with losing days, longs vs. shorts, breakout vs. support trades (using tags), this month vs. last month, or choose any two sets of trades that you define.


Risk Analysis

Analyze your performance in terms of risk, or R multiples. Even if you risk different amounts on every trade, the R-based reporting will give you an understanding of your risk-adjusted performance.


Running P&L Charts

View your trade’s P&L over time. And for intraday trades, see your running combined P&L for the whole trading day, highlighting where a specific trade fit into the day.


Liquidity Reports

Analyze your trading performance relative to whether you’re adding or removing liquidity, even broken up by entry and exit shares. Essential data for the active intraday equity trader.

Tradervue vs. TraderSync Features

Tradervue Comparison Report

As an alternative to TraderSync, Tradervue makes it easier than ever to track your trading performance, analyze your risk, and improve your trading. Tradervue has all the features you need in a trading journal — from easy-to-scan P&L charts to advanced reports to risk analysis. 

Tradervue also offers a range of benefits that TraderSync simply does not, like our exclusive Shared Trades Community.  

Other huge advantages of joining Tradervue include our relationships with proprietary firms like SMB and Apteros, as well as free education via webinars from a professional trader. (If you’re still deciding which tool to use, join us for our next live webinar to see how top performers use Tradervue’s features and tools to find their niche, streamline their process, and profit in the markets.)

With Tradervue’s stellar reliability, affordable price point, and ease-of-use, many traders seeking to improve their performance tend to gravitate towards Tradervue. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how Tradervue stacks up against TraderSync.

Tradervue vs. TraderSync



Free Plan 
Starter Plan $29/mo $29.95/mo
Highest Tier Plan $49/mo $79.95/mo
Trade import from brokers
Stocks Support 
Shared Trades Community
ETFs Support
Options Support
Futures Support
Futures Options Support
Forex Support
MFE/MAE statistics
Advanced Reporting
Download/Export to Excel
Trade Journaling
Mentoring & Coaching
Live Webinar
Exit Analysis
Interactive Drill-down Reports
Customer Support
Dedicated Support
Multi-lingual support

Powerful, reliable, and affordable, this TraderSync alternative equips you with the data, resources, and community you need to improve your trading performance. With Tradervue, you’ll get access to:

  • Free education from a professional trader
  • Our exclusive Shared Trades Community
  • Mentoring & Coaching feature
  • Detailed reports & statistics
  • Running P&L charts
  • Risk analysis
  • So much more

Improve your trading performance and explore Tradervue, a powerful TraderSync alternative.