Affiliate Program

We have an affiliate program for qualified trading-related sites and newsletters. If your site caters to active traders who would be interested in Tradervue, please contact us for details!

Tradervue Affiliate Program – Terms

  1. If you refer a new customer who signs up for a paid subscription plan, we will pay you 20% of the subscription revenue from that customer for as long as they remain a paid customer. So, for example, if they sign up for the gold plan at $49/mo and remain signed up for 18 months, you’d get a total of $176.40.

  2. If you refer a new customer who signs up for a free plan, but upgrades within 90 days of their initial signup to a paid subscription plan, you will earn commissions on that user as outlined in #1. So, for example, if they signed up for a free account, and 2 months later upgraded to a gold account at $49/mo, and remained signed up for gold for the next two years, you’d get a total of $235.20.

  3. If a paid user cancels their subscription at any time, commissions for that user will cease at that point.

  4. When we record a “click” from your site using your affiliate link, you will get credit for that customer if they sign up within 30 days of that click.

  5. Should we have to refund a customer’s payment for any reason after a commission has already been paid, we will subtract the prorated commission from your ongoing commission balance.

  6. We’ll pay you quarterly via paypal any time your monthly credit balance exceeds $250. If your earnings exceed $500 in a calendar year, we will need your federal tax ID in order to continue payments.

  7. We’ll pay you by the end of a month for the previous month (e.g. May commissions paid by the end of June).

  8. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your affiliate account at our discretion, for any reason, including but not limited to fraud, excessive chargebacks, misleading statements to us or prospective customers, etc. We will attempt to resolve any such issue with you prior to any suspension or termination.

  9. We reserve the right to change or terminate this program at any time. We will notify you of any such changes.

  10. An affiliate relationship may be terminated at our discretion if no inbound trials and ultimately paid users are recorded in a 6-month period. We want to work only with active affiliates.

  11. If an (affiliate referred) customer becomes eligible for another discount (e.g. yearly subscription, or certain partner discounts), they might no longer be eligible for affiliate commissions at our discretion.