About Us

Tradervue was started in 2011 by Greg Reinacker (formerly founder and CTO of NewsGator). The site is intended to offer active stock, futures, forex, and option traders a tool to help them keep a trading journal, and eliminate the busy work associated with keeping that journal. It also offers analytics to help quantify trading performance, potentially leading to the identification of patterns that may have been hidden.

An important part of the Tradervue vision is the idea of sharing trades with the community. Since the introduction of trading-related social applications such as Stocktwits, there has been a surge in online activity with traders sharing their trading ideas. Up to now, though, what there hasn't been a lot of is traders sharing their actual trades - entries, exits, and most importantly, the thought processes behind them. Tradervue's sharing features are aimed at filling this void. Real trades, from real traders.

After leaving NewsGator in 2010, Greg spent a year or so actively trading equities intraday. This experience left him wishing for a tool exactly like Tradervue, to review his trades and performance, and to simplify the process of keeping a trade journal. He started writing this application for his own personal use, but after showing it to a few folks, decided to move forward with making it available to the trading community.