Mentoring and Coaching

Tradervue supports trading mentors and coaches, with whom you can privately share trading data.

Setting it up

After you log into Tradervue, go to your Account Settings (either from the dashboard, or click on your user name at the top right). Click the "Mentor Settings" tab, and invite your mentor by entering their email address and clicking "invite".

They will receive an email, and have the option of accepting or declining your invitation. If they accept, you will see them listed on your Mentor Settings tab as a mentor.

You can add as many mentors as you like.

Mentor privileges

After this is complete, you won't notice a lot of changes; however, your mentor will now have the ability to switch to viewing your data instead of their own. They will be able to do the following:

  • View your trades list, journal view, and reports view
  • View the details of your trades, including quantity and P&L, but they cannot edit them
  • Leave private comments on your trades, visible to you and your mentor(s)

Essentially, mentors are given read-only access to your account, and can view your trades and results.

Mentors and Mentees must both have a silver or gold subscription.

See our blog post with some screenshots of these features available.

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