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Start a Ameritrade trading journal with Tradervue, the online journal that lets you record and review your activity to improve. Get your free account today.


“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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Have you been using Ameritrade for a while, but haven’t started making consistent profits? The key to making your breakthrough in trading lies in keeping a trading journal. All successful traders keep a journal to learn and improve. Get started today with Tradervue, the best Ameritrade trading journal available.

“Show me a trader with good records and I’ll show you a good trader.”Dr. Alexander Elder, author of Trading for a Living.


All Top-Performing Traders Keep a Journal

The secret to trading success is in consistent improvement. And the best tool to review your progress and figure out where you need to improve is a trading journal. Relying on instinct only gets you so far. Every successful trader keeps a journal where they record their trades and review their decisions. It’s how they learn from their mistakes, refine their strategies, and identify the trends that earn them consistent profits.

So if you don’t have an Ameritrade trading journal already, get started today with Tradervue. Skip the guesswork and improve your performance to make your breakthrough.

Journal Your Trading Activity with Tradervue


Journal your activity to monitor your progress

Tradervue imports your trades from Ameritrade in minutes so you can start journaling right away.

Keep track of everything from your customizable dashboard. Enter new trades, find trades with tags and filters, and write notes to review your progress. Notes are particularly important as they help you understand your decisions, both good and bad, and set plans to trade better.

You can also take a look at the P&L and price charts at any time:


Analyze your trades to improve your performance

Tradervue allows you to dive deep into your trades and thoroughly understand your performance. Once you import your historical data, Tradervue takes care of the heavy lifting and generates different chart studies and reports that show you your strengths and weaknesses as well as your trading behavior and opportunities in the market.

You have access to several tools that analyze data related to daily and cumulative P&L, volume, win%, and a lot more.

Here is another example. The Comparison Reports let you compare the performance of different trades:

You can also determine where you should place stop orders:

Users with the Gold Plan have access to advanced analytics like Liquidity Reports:

And there’s more to Tradervue – this is only a sneak peek of what you can do with it. Suffice to say these analytics tools give you the clarity needed to make better decisions that lead to consistent profits. 


Share your notes

Traders can learn a lot from each other. Tradervue makes it possible to share your notes and see those of other users – a unique feature that encourages mutual feedback and learning. You can even share your trades and notes with your mentor.

Why Use Tradervue as Your Ameritrade Trading Journal?

Become an expert in trading psychology. Every trader knows that trading is largely emotional. A journal is the best way to understand and control your emotions so that you don’t trade impulsively or feel constantly stressed. Tradervue helps you stick to the rules you set for yourself.

Find your edge through in-depth analysis. A systematic and consistent review of your trades is how you discover where you have an edge over the market. Tradervue facilitates that with its array of analytics tools.

A popular and trusted trading journal. Traders have been using Tradervue since 2011. Mike Bellafiore, co-founder of SMB Capital, recommends using it as a trading journal.

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We hold free webinars every week where you will learn from a professional trader how to use Tradervue and find your trading niche.


How much does Tradervue cost?

You can create a free Tradervue account that lets you use the basic features and enter up to 100 trades per month. To unlock more features along with an unlimited number of trades, consider upgrading to the Silver and Gold plans which are priced respectively at $29/month and $49/month.


Is Tradervue with other platforms?

Yes, Tradervue is compatible with 80+ brokers and trading platforms such as ThinkorSwim or Fidelity. So if you use another platform, you can import your trades from there and keep using Tradervue as your trading journal.


Can I use Tradervue on mobile?

Yes. You can access Tradervue from your mobile browser, or you can add the Tradervue API to the Workflow app to make journal entries and notes (learn more here).


Will Tradervue publicly display my personal information?

No. Tradervue keeps sensitive information, like P&L and share volume, private when you share your notes. It’s kept hidden by default, but you can display it if you want to.

Trading with a firm?

Get the power of Tradervue, for everyone in your firm. The next level in journaling, performance analysis, trade reviews, and collaboration.