DAS Trading Journal

The Best Trading Journal for the DAS Trading Platform


Use this DAS Trader Pro trading journal to keep records, analyze your trading activity, and share notes. Learn and improve every day to achieve trading success.


“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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Why Keeping a DAS Trader Pro Journal is Crucial to Your Success

  • You develop the habits of top traders. A DAS Trader Pro journal pushes you to have discipline, plan your trades, stick to your plan, avoid making emotional decisions, and more. These habits are what separates successful traders from the rest.
  • Your journal is a roadmap to success. Without the clarity provided by an automated trading journal, it’s easy to keep making the same mistakes and miss out on opportunities. Memorizing everything about your trading system for an extended period.
  • You will find your edge. Identify the underlying trends in both winning and losing trades so you can increase profits and cut losses. You can’t become a successful trader on instinct alone – you need to record and review your activity to find the strategies that work for you.
  • The best traders log every trade. They capitalize on their successes, learn from their mistakes, keep a pulse on the markets, try different strategies, hone their edge, and more – all thanks to an automated trading journal.


Every successful trader keeps a trading journal. Are you looking for a reliable tool to journal your activity on DAS Trader Pro? Try Tradervue – the best DAS Trader Pro trading journal. Record your trading activity, analyze performance, and develop your edge for consistent profits.

The best traders will tell you that the biggest driver in trading success is keeping a trading journal.

Granted, qualities like discipline and grit are a must to succeed. But elite traders wouldn’t have reached their breakthrough, let alone develop winning strategies if they weren’t keeping a journal to guide them along the way. They learn from every trade and develop their edge over the years, which is next to impossible without a journal.

What Tradervue Allows You to Do

  • Auto-import your trades from DAS Trader Pro. It only takes a few moments to import your historical data directly into Tradervue.
  • Keep a DAS Trader Pro trading journal. Track your progress and review the automated price charts and statistics for a bird’s eye view of your activity. Navigate through your trades easily with tags and filters, and keep a clear record of your trades to refine your strategies.
  • Make daily notes. Write down your thoughts on what you did, why you did it, what you didn’t, the results you got, and what you should do on the following trading day. You can attach images to your notes too.
  • Analyze your performance. Tradervue complements DAS Trader Pro with several analytic tools such as detailed reports, comparison reports, risk analysis, exit analysis, and more. Dig deep into your data to fully understand your performance and find ways to improve your strategies.
  • Share notes with the trading community. Share your expertise and find out what other traders are doing and why. Sharing your notes also allows you to get useful input on your trades, especially if it’s from a mentor.

Why Choose Tradervue as Your DAS Trader Pro Trading Journal?

  • Easily import your data. Pull your trading data from DAS Trader Pro and start journaling your activity right away.
  • Improve with analytic reports. Tradervue automatically creates many reports to help you make sense of your data. Drill down into price, volume, day/time, P&L, risk, and other measures to learn and improve.
  • Gain insight from other traders. Sharing notes is a feature unique to Tradervue. Check the notes shared by other Tradervue users to gather new insights. Plus, get feedback on your notes, including from your mentor or coach.
  • Traders have been journaling with Tradervue since 2011. Tradervue is well known among traders for its convenience and wide array of analytic tools. Mike Bellafiore, the Co-founder of SMB Capital, recommends using Tradervue as a trading journal.



What trading products are supported?

Our supported trading products include equities, options, futures, and forex.


Can I import data from other brokers and trading platforms?

Yes. In addition to DAS Trader Pro, Tradervue supports many other brokers and trading platforms, like ThinkorSwim or Fidelity or to name a few. See our list of supported brokers and platforms here.


Can I use Tradervue for free?

Tradervue has a Free plan that includes the core tools and allows up to 100 stock trades per month. To benefit from unlimited trades and all the analytic tools, upgrade to the Silver or Gold plan.


I don’t want to share private information on my notes. How does Tradervue handle that?

Tradervue respects your privacy by keeping sensitive information like price volume and P&L hidden from other users, even as you share your notes. You can display them if you want to.

Trading with a firm?

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