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Achieve Trading Success with Tradervue, the Best E*TRADE Trading Journal


Use Tradervue to keep an E*Trade trading journal to keep track of your performance, analyze it, and make notes to improve your trading.


“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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All Top Traders Share this Crucial Habit

If you have been trading on E*TRADE for a while, but haven’t started making consistent profits, the best thing you can do today to stop losing money and improve your trading is to keep an E*TRADE trading journal.

“A trading journal is probably the most important, and most often neglected, tool in determining your success or failure in the market.”Toni Hansen, professional trader, educator, and author of 9 books.

Sure enough, keeping a journal requires discipline, and you may not see results overnight, but it’s what makes the difference between top traders and everybody else.

Every successful trader has a journal where they record their trading decisions and review their progress. That’s precisely how they became successful in the first place.

Why Keeping a Journal is Crucial to Making Your Breakthrough on E*TRADE

  • You have a clear record of all your trades. With an E*TRADE trading journal, it’s easy to go back and assess your past decisions to understand your mistakes and why you made them. Self-analysis is the key to improvement, and doing that is hard if you don’t have all your information organized in one place.
  • You will master trading psychology. A journal pushes you to develop discipline, accountability, and stick to your strategy. Plus, your notes will help you understand your emotions so you can better manage them.
  • You will discover your trading edge. Make the data work for you and find out where you are losing money and where you have an edge over the market. With a trading journal, it’s easy to uncover trends and adjust your strategies for better results.


Keep an E*TRADE Trading Journal with Tradervue

E*TRADE is a powerful trading platform – it’s intuitive and used by many. But to make the most out of it, you need a trading journal to keep notes and review progress.

Luckily, keeping a journal is easier than ever with Tradervue. Traders have been using our platform as their trading journal of choice since 2011.

Here’s What You Can Do with Tradervue

  • Import all your trades from E*TRADE. Tradervue imports all your historical data from E*TRADE in just a few moments.
  • Keep an E*TRADE trading journal. Enter new trades and keep a pulse on your trading activity from your dashboard.
  • Make notes. Write down your thoughts and feelings as you trade or at the end of each trading day. Attach relevant images whenever you want and review your strategies and setups regularly.
  • Consult charts and statistics. Tradervue generates different charts and statistics, like these price charts for different timeframes.
  • Analyze your performance. Use Tradervue’s in-depth reports to drill down into your trades and understand them on a deeper level.
  • Share your notes with the other users. Find out what other traders are up to and learn from them. Sharing your notes also allows you to get helpful feedback, whether from Tradervue users or your own mentor. Rest assured that any sensitive information will remain private.

Why Choose Tradervue as Your E*TRADE Trading Journal?

  • Easy imports with E*TRADE. Import all your trading data from E*TRADE in minutes and start using Tradervue immediately afterward.
  • A wide range of analytics tools. Tradervue makes your data work for you by generating a variety of reports and charts that dig deep into your P&L, volume, day/time, commissions and fees, risk, and more. You can even compare reports and analyze your risk-adjusted performance.
  • Tradervue has been a popular tool among traders since 2011. Mike Bellafiore, Co-founder of SMB Capital, recommends using it as a trading journal.



Is Tradervue free?

Tradervue has a Free Plan you can sign up for. You can record up to 100 stock trades per month and use the core features. The Silver and Gold plans give you access to unlimited trades and all the advanced analytic tools.

What trading products does Tradervue support?

Tradervue supports equities, options, futures, and forex.

Can I use Tradervue if I’m a beginner? And what about professional traders?

Tradervue works great for beginner traders as it’s easy to use and comes with plenty of tutorials. Professional traders use Tradervue as well for its advanced analytics features.

Is E*TRADE the only trading platform compatible with Tradervue?

No. Tradervue works with many brokers and trading platforms (see the full list here). If you ever switch from E*TRADE to a different platform, you will still be able to keep your journal as usual.

Will Tradervue divulge my P&L data?

Tradervue keeps sensitive information like P&L price volume private by default, so other users won’t see it when you share your notes. If you wish to display this information, you can enable Tradervue to do so.

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