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Keep an Interactive Brokers Trading Journal with Tradervue

Looking for an Interactive Brokers trading journal? Try Tradervue for free. Record and review your progress to improve your strategies and earn consistent profits.

“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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Why You Need an Interactive Brokers Trading Journal to Become a Top Trader

All top-performing traders share a crucial habit: they keep a trading journal. By reviewing their activity consistently, they:

  • Master trading psychology
  • Capitalize on their successes
  • Determine where they need to improve
  • And more


Journal, Analyze, and Share Your Trading Activity with Tradervue

Have you been trading with Interactive for some time, but have yet to achieve great results? If so, what you need is a trading journal that gives you clarity on your trading and helps you develop discipline. Try Tradervue as your Interactive Brokers trading journal and see the benefits for yourself. You will make your breakthrough and start earning consistent profits.


Import your Interactive trades in moments

Import your trade data from Interactive in moments and start journaling right away – you don’t need to install or set up an application.


Journal your activity

Keep track of everything about your trading activity in one place. Browse through trades and make notes on your decisions and progress. Monitor your activity from your customizable dashboard:


Analyze your trades

Tradervue comes with many analytics tools that show you what’s really going on in your trades. Analyze your performance, including daily and cumulative P&L, volume, win%, and a lot more with the Overview Reports:

  • Dig deep into details with the Detailed Reports and Statistics.
  • Compare the performance of different trades with the Comparison Reports.
  • Find out exactly where you should place stop orders to cut losses.
  • Run reports for future trades based on return in USD or ticks.
  • That’s not all – there are many other analytics tools for you to discover once you start using Tradervue.


Share your notes:

Tradervue has a unique sharing feature that lets you share your notes with other users. Fellow traders – and even your mentor – can comment on your trades. Learn from their notes as well and get new ideas on how to improve your trading. This social aspect of journaling is a win-win for all users involved.


Why Choose Tradervue as Your Interactive Brokers Trading Journal?

A trading journal with a large array of tools. Tradervue has several analytics tools that complement the ones present in Interactive. Make your data work for you and improve your performance with an Interactive trading journal.

Master trading psychology. Use Tradervue to manage your emotions, avoid impulsiveness, and follow the rules you set for yourself. Trading without impulsiveness is a must to achieve your goals, and a trading journal like Tradervue helps immensely with that. 

Find the trading niche where you have an edge. Having a detailed record of your trades helps you objectively determine where you have an edge over the market instead of relying purely on guesswork.

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How much does it cost to use Tradervue?

You can use Tradervue for free by choosing the Free Plan. To unlock more features and enter an unlimited number of trades, you can choose the Silver and Gold plans which are priced respectively at $29/month and $49/month.

Is Tradervue easy to use?

Yes. Tradervue has a simple, user-friendly UI. You can start using it right away whether you’re a beginner or an advanced trader. Plus, we have a section on our website to help you learn everything you need to know about Tradervue.

Is Interactive Brokers the only platform that’s compatible with Tradervue?

No, Tradervue is compatible with 80+ brokers and trading platforms. So if you feel like using another platform, you can still use Tradervue as your trading journal.

What if I don’t want to share personal information?

Tradervue allows you to keep personal information private when you share a note. Sensitive information (P&L, share volume, etc.) is hidden by default in shared notes, so you have control over what you share and what you keep.

Trading with a firm?

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