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Trade Better with Tradervue, Your Lightspeed Trading Journal


Journal, analyze, and share your trading activity with Tradervue, the best Lightspeed trading journal. Used and recommended by top traders since 2011.


“I find it hard to take a developing trader seriously who isn’t keeping a detailed daily trading journal.”
Mike Bellafiore - Co-Founder, SMB Capital

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All the Best Traders Keep a Journal – Here’s Why

Ask any successful trader for advice and they will most likely mention the importance of keeping a trading journal. Your journal will be essential to your success for several reasons:

  • You develop discipline
  • You stick to your plans – instead of following impulses
  • You keep your emotions under control – one of the biggest challenges in trading
  • You understand your trading personality
  • You understand your mistakes
  • You identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • You accumulate market data
  • You pinpoint both winning and losing trades
  • You assess the viability of your setups
  • You gradually refine your trading strategies
  • And more.


Journal, Analyze, and Share Your Trading Activity with Tradervue

Tradervue is simply the most powerful Lightspeed trading journal available.


Import from Lightspeed

Tradervue quickly imports your historical data from Lightspeed and generates charts and statistics. No installing or lengthy setup needed.


Keep a journal of your trades

Enter new trades and monitor your activity from your dashboard by:

  • Making notes on your thoughts and feelings
  • Reviewing price and P&L charts 
  • Navigating your trades with tags and filters
  • Tracking commissions and fees


Analyze your performance

The longer you trade and the harder it becomes to uncover trends and insights on your own. Tradervue makes your data work for you by creating a number of detailed reports that help you understand your decisions as well as market conditions. Here are a few of the analytics features:

Share your expertise

Unique to Tradervue is the option to share your notes with the trading community. Tradervue keeps sensitive information private while allowing other users to see and comment on your trades and notes. You can learn a lot as well by checking their notes and sharing yours with a mentor or coach.

strategies if they weren’t keeping a journal to guide them along the way. They learn from every trade and develop their edge over the years, which is next to impossible without a journal.

Why Use Tradervue as Your Lightspeed Trading Journal?


  • A comprehensive trading journal. Tradervue has added many analytics features over the years as users keep providing feedback. Today it has grown into a powerful Lightspeed trading journal that shows you the big picture about your activity.
  • Find your edge and make your breakthrough. A systematic record of trades is the best way to identify which trades earn you consistent profits and which ones you need to let go of. Make the most out of Lightspeed by complementing it with Tradervue.
  • Tradervue is a trusted online journal. Traders have been using Tradervue for over 10 years and the user community keeps growing.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Tradervue support the same products as Lightspeed?

Yes. You can record trades of equities, options, and futures. Tradervue also supports forex.

Is Tradervue free?

Yes, Tradervue has a free plan that includes the core features and lets you enter up to 100 trades per month. The Silver and Gold plans remove that limit and give you access to a wider range of advanced features.

Who can use Tradervue?

Tradervue is made for both beginner and seasoned traders. It’s easy to use and provides several advanced features for more in-depth tracking and analysis. Even trading firms can use Tradervue thanks to its firm-specific features.

What if I no longer want to use Lightspeed?

No problem – Tradervue is compatible with 80+ brokers and trading platforms. If you decide to start using another platform in the future, you will still be able to use Tradervue as your journal.

Can other users see my personal information when I share a note?

You can choose how much information you share. Tradervue excludes sensitive personal information (P&L, share volume, etc.) from shared trades by default, displaying only your notes, your buy and sell points, and the charts you choose to include.

Trading with a firm?

Get the power of Tradervue, for everyone in your firm. The next level in journaling, performance analysis, trade reviews, and collaboration.